Led by a seasoned petroleum consultant with more than 25 years of reservoir evaluation and production operations experience, Mire & Associates, Inc. delivers high-quality evaluations that meet clients’ needs and timelines.




"Mire & Associates have been instrumental in our organization’s analysis of numerous acquisition targets. Their insight and attention to detail have proved invaluable in our ability to determine reasonable values for A & D opportunities. However, it is Mire & Associates’ ability to provide us evaluations that are of equal or better quality than the 'big firms' and that they are produced in a timely manner that sets them apart from the competition.” – Michael M. Mikeska, CEO Crown Opportunity Partners, Dallas, Texas.

"Mire and Associates have been our primary engineers since we began our company in the fall of 2007. They have consistently provided on-time and on-budget evaluations that are always 'bottom-line' focused and technically sound. They have assisted us on projects in Trinidad, India, East Africa, and numerous evaluations in onshore and offshore U.S. We look forward to a continued working relationship as we grow our company." -
Joe Studlick, COO, Dynamic Global Advisors, Houston.

"Kurt is an efficient and thorough engineering consultant who provides excellent work; he is fast and considerate of timing and partnership issues; I would definitely recommend him as a petroleum engineering consultant."
-David Beach, BCM Energy Investments NY".

"Kurt Mire has worked with Panther Bayou Energy,LLC as a reservoir engineer for the past year and a half and has done an out standing job with regards to project economics,reservoir engineering,and acquisition screening with our team.Kurt's petroleum engineering skills and services are of great and appropriate value." - David Adams, Vice President of Operations Panther Bayou Energy.